Working Mummy, Stay At Home Daddy

In the words of Cole Porter, times have changed. Men are no longer the sole breadwinners of the household and not all women stay at home to look after the children, cook and have dinner on the table when the hard worker returns.      Men are now house husbands and women go out and work to bring the money in. But for some reason, some women still look down on working mums and frown upon house husbands. I certainly don’t know why, there is no difference between a man or woman going out to work or staying at home, the days of equal opportunities have been with us for a while and it’s about time people embraced it.

I went to an indoor play centre recently to look after a baby whilst my friend went to work. Once she left, I overheard a group of mums she knew, and was being friendly with, a group that I didn’t know, say that they couldn’t believe she was going to work and that the baby had been left to a stranger. I knew they were talking about me and wanted to ask why it was such a bad thing that my friend went to work and I was looking after my best friend’s daughter. I decided it probably wasn’t the best idea so didn’t, but I’m really intrigued to know what the explanation would have been.

I can understand that women are expected to stay at home to nurse a newborn baby because there are obviously many things a woman can do that men can’t, but what’s the harm in going back to work when you are ready and the father looking after the baby? He did have something to do with it too, at least a 50% contribution.

Needless to say, that doesn’t make it okay to judge the hard-working mums that still have time for their children and work hard to support them. I admire the women that work a full day and then come home and still make time for their children.

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