Grammar Matters

It is unbelievable how many people don’t think grammar and the correct use of language is important. I know it is & I know how to use it correctly. After all, if you’re not a plumber, why do you need to know about plumbing? If you’re not an accountant, why do you need to know accounting? It stands to reason that if you’re not a writer, why do you have to know the rules of the written language? Continue reading “Grammar Matters”

Headphones on, world off

Music is a form of escape, a way of creating your own bubble that only you can understand.

Music is an amazing thing. Lyrics can change your mood, get inside your head and really make you think.

Listening to music a form of escape and for me, whether it is musical soundtracks, songs currently playing on the Top 40, my favourite artists or my guilty pleasures, it is all relatable in some way or another. Depending on how I’m feeling in the morning I know that a song can definitely change my mood. A slow song with depressing lyrics isn’t going to improve anyone’s mood like a song with uplifting ones.

Some songwriters claim not to put emotion into their songs but how you are feeling always comes out in the lyrics somehow, whether they are meant to be shared or not. They can be written in unbeknownst to the artist until someone else hears it and interprets it differently. I love listening to artists that may be well known elsewhere but not in England, artists that my friends aren’t familiar with. It is not about just finding that single song that you like but other songs in their repertoire as well.

One of the examples of this is Sweet Silver Linings by Kate Voegele. She
has got a huge range of songs and they all have lovely lyrics. I discovered her whilst watching American TV series One Tree Hill, she starred as a singer alongside Bethany Joy Lenz, Sophia Bush, Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty. Another singer that I discovered from this series was Tyler Hilton.

Sweet Silver Linings – Kate Voegele

But so many people are looking to me,
To be strong and to fight,
But I’m just surviving,
I may be weak but I’m never defeated,
And I’ll keep believing in clouds with that sweet silver lining.

This is an example of one of my favourite lyrics that always cheers me up when I have been knocked down, the belief that there is always something good that can come of a situation. I can’t say that many people will be familiar with this song as the artist isn’t very well known in the UK, or amongst my friends anyway, but her talent shouldn’t in anyway be diminished or go unnoticed.

Then again there are people that have been acknowledged for their excellent lyricism and received awards for it such as Sam Smith, an excellent songwriter that touches the hearts of his listeners.

Songs from musicals are usually jam packed with emotion to help with the telling of a story but it doesn’t mean that the “moral” isn’t applicable to real life. You wouldn’t think a song about the effects a person can have on you and an unlikely pairing that has lead to a wonderful friendship, would come from the ingenious musical works of Stephen Schwartz, the long-running musical, Wicked.

For Good – Wicked

Like a comet pulled from orbit
As it passes a sun
Like a stream that meets a boulder
Halfway through the wood
Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?
But because I knew you
I have been changed for good

So in conclusion, I absolutely love music and most of the time I will be listening to it, and if I am not, rest assured, I’m probably singing a song in my head. I hope you can find your love of music as easily as I did mine. If music isn’t your thing, then find what you love.